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How To Use Ruby.Exchange


The launch of Ruby.Exchange marks the beginnings of a vibrant new DeFi ecosystem, powered by SKALE V2's zero-gas, high-throughput multichain network. Over the coming months, dozens of new dApps will launch on SKALE, including DeFi, GameFi, and metaverse applications. Users will be able to connect instantly and frictionlessly to the Europa SKALE Chain and trade tokens for these apps on Ruby.Exchange.

Completion of Ruby's public sale sees the distribution of RUBY tokens and the launch of Ruby.Exchange, with functionality including trading, liquidity mining, and staking.

Getting Started

We've compiled a comprehensive guide to getting started on Ruby.Exchange, including:

  • Bridging tokens from Ethereum mainnet to the Europa SKALE Chain
  • Trading
  • LPing
  • Yield Farming
  • Staking and Locking
  • Managing your rewards

You can find everything you need to know on Ruby's GitHub, in the How To Use Ruby.Exchange guide.

Trade, Farm, Stake On Ruby.Exchange

After almost a year of BUIDLing, Ruby.Exchange is now live on SKALE V2! Migrating funds and getting started on Ruby.Exchange is fast and simple, thanks to SKALE's decentralized bridge and gasless infrastructure.

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