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Ruby.Exchange Cleared For Launch By SlowMist


Blockchain security firm SlowMist has completed its audit of Ruby's code, giving a result of Passed.

Screenshot of SlowMist Ruby.Exchange audit summary

The points raised by SlowMist have all been addressed, meaning we are now ready to deploy the Ruby Exchange Protocol to SKALE V2 mainnet! Launch will take place after testing of the Europa SKALE Chain, which is currently under way. We're also very excited to announce that Ruby's public sale also begins today, in partnership with Impossible Finance!

Read SlowMist's audit report, and view Ruby's GitHub repo.

Backed By The Best

There are a lot of security companies in the DeFi space, but few that are worth their fee. That's why we were particularly pleased to secure the services of SlowMist—a top-tier firm and one of the best-respected names in the sector.

Since launching in 2018, SlowMist has established its reputation as a leader in blockchain ecosystem security. The team has been responsible for auditing over a thousand crypto and DeFi projects, including major exchanges, wallets, individual smart contracts, dApps, and underlying blockchains, with clients including Binance, imToken,, EOS, 1inch, PancakeSwap, and TUSD.

SlowMist has also been at the forefront of the response to a number of major hacks and exploits, including the notorious 51% attack on the Ethereum Classic blockchain in January 2019. We were confident they would provide value for Ruby.

SlowMist found a total of eight issues in Ruby's code, including three with Low severity ("may affect the operation of the DeFi project in certain scenarios") and five categorized as Suggestion ("there are better practices for coding or architecture"). None were classed as having Critical severity, High severity, or Medium severity.

All issues identified have now been addressed by Ruby's developers. Certain issues identified by SlowMist will not impact Ruby, either because they are not relevant to Ruby's specific implementation, or because they have been recognized and mitigated outside of the codebase. Ruby's code has been given SlowMist's final stamp of approval.

Next Steps For Ruby

The Ruby Exchange Protocol is now ready for deployment on the Europa SKALE Chain. Ruby is set to go live with several liquidity pools, including a StableSwap 4Pool, as well as profile NFTs and reward gems that reduce trading fees.

Ruby is a founder member of the Europa Hub, which will provide a cluster of liquidity-focused dApps and services, and offer a gateway to the SKALEVERSE for tokens and users. The Europa chain will host a bridge to Ethereum mainnet, and will offer crowd funding by Impossible Finance, plus token swap services by Boot Finance and Ruby.Exchange itself.

Following the completion of the public sale, RUBY tokens will be listed for trading and the full functionality of Ruby.Exchange will be unlocked!

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