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Ruby.Exchange Update - July 9, 2022


Welcome to another end-of-week update, an opportunity to summarize the work that has been completed on Ruby.Exchange over the past few days and outline some of our immediate priorities.

You should now see that the Ruby.Exchange website has an auto-update function. Whenever a new set of changes has been pushed, you'll be prompted to refresh your browser. (Note that there may be a delay between any updates being announced on Telegram and receiving a prompt from the site, due to the time it takes for changes to propagate.)

New Bug Fixes

We're pleased to say that no major new bugs have been reported by the community over the last week! Previously-reported issues that have now been addressed since our last update include:

  • Problems that arise when arriving from different networks. The site now always displays a network switch popup or "Add network to MetaMask" prompt.
  • Page reloader bugs
  • Issues with overflow menu on mobile
  • Bugs on raffle page when buying multiple tickets
  • Approval flow issues for raffles

As we wrote last week, we're also working on overall performance improvements, which should be quite significant. We'll provide more details on this when it's up and running.

While we continue to make improvements to Ruby.Exchange, the SKALE team is also hard at work, with their focus now shifting from blockchain infrastructure to user experience.

One feature in particular that is likely to be of interest to users and developers is a transfer widget that will hide the complexity of SKALE's multichain architecture, enabling users to move tokens to different dApps on the SKALE Network with just a few simple clicks. For a recap, take a look at this SKALE Community Update from last month.

That's all for this week. Please keep sending us your feedback via the Ruby.Exchange Official Telegram channel. Our mods have been doing a great job of answering questions and logging any issues that users have had.

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