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DeFi and AMM Updates

Ruby.Exchange Update - September 24, 2022


It's been a little while since our last update, as we've been testing Metaport and working on an overhaul of core functionality. However, we wanted to take this opportunity to keep our community posted about a recent bug fix and a number of other minor changes to the site.

Locked RUBY Bug

Yesterday we pushed a fix for a bug that one of our community members identified last weekend. The balance of any Claimable Fees (Penalty Fees and AMM Fees) was erased if the user withdrew their expired RUBY locks before those rewards were claimed.

Fortunately, the bug was identified early and only affected one user (who has been made whole). As a stopgap, we disabled the Claim button to prevent this happening to anyone else. We've now updated the site so that the Claim button automatically withdraws all claimable fees before withdrawing expired RUBY locks.

This means there are now two transaction prompts to approve in MetaMask when claiming, because two smart contract functions are called. It is no longer possible to withdraw expired locks without first claiming available fees.

Screenshot of Manage RUBY page
The UX for claiming expired RUBY locks and withdrawing fees has been updated.

Additional Fixes

We have also taken this opportunity to push a series of minor fixes and other improvements, including:

  • The site now shows the real value of RUBY and the user's rewards in USD on the Manage RUBY page
  • Text and explanations for staking and locking have been improved
  • An issue with chain switching has been addressed on the Bridge page
  • Token selection on the Bridge page is now simpler
  • Problems with the sFuel faucet in certain situations have been fixed
  • The image displayed on the Raffle page now reflects whether or not there is an NFT prize
  • Time remaining for the current raffle is displayed, whether or not the user's wallet is connected
  • The user's raffle history has been simplified on the Profile page
  • Occasional issues with the NFT preview image have been addressed

That's all for this week. Keep sending us your feedback, follow us on Twitter and Telegram, and stay tuned for some more substantial updates to Ruby.Exchange soon!