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Block Brawlers Set To Drop NFT Starter Packs To RUBY Users


The launch of the SKALEVERSE brings dozens and ultimately hundreds of projects to the network. Block Brawlers is one of the first dApps to deploy on SKALE, and we're pleased to say the BRAWL token will soon be listed on Ruby.Exchange!

Ahead of the listing, Block Brawlers are airdropping free Brawlers starter packs to Ruby users. As we recently announced, all addresses that hold at least 200 RUBY or have 100+ RUBY staked/locked, and have traded on Ruby at least once before 12:00 UTC on Sunday, July 24 will be eligible for the drop.

Watch out also for the coming 10-week competition and prize giveaway to be held by Block Brawlers, with extra RUBY and SKL prizes!

Get Ready To Brawl!

If you haven't already played or seen the SKALE demo video, Block Brawlers is a fantastic P2E combat strategy game. Players train and fight magically-empowered characters with unique characteristics, represented by NFTs, pitting their teams against each other in the Arena for BRAWL tokens and other rewards.

Every eligible RUBY holder will receive a Brawlers starter pack, containing 3 Level 1 standard Brawlers and 1 BRAWL token—more than enough to get them started playing the game—with some users selected at random to receive 500 BRAWL!

The airdrop is scheduled to happen on Monday 25 July. Check Block Brawlers and Ruby.Exchange Twitter accounts for updates.

Brawler packs will be airdropped on the Brawl Chain, using the same Ethereum addresses participants use to manage their RUBY on the Europa SKALE Chain. There is no claim process: Simply connect to the game at, and MetaMask will prompt you to add BRAWLCHAIN. Once you're done, click "My Brawlers", and they'll be ready and waiting for you to start brawling.

Win Brawlers, RUBY, And SKL Tokens

In addition to the coming Ruby airdrop, Block Brawlers are holding a ten-part contest, starting in early August. Entrants will have to complete different tasks, with ten sets of 50 Block Brawler Starter Packs (3 x Level 1 standard Brawlers + 500 BRAWL) to be given away to new players, plus a share of SKL and RUBY tokens.

Brawler pack screenshots
One Legendary pack worth 1 ETH, and 10 #6 packs, will also be available

Lucky entrants will also receive one of 10 #6 GAME packs and one Legendary pack (worth 1 ETH) that are also up for grabs.


We're planning to list BRAWL on Ruby.Exchange very soon, enabling anyone to trade tokens and move them between Europa and the Brawl Chain seamlessly using SKALE's cross-chain widget, Metaport.

Meanwhile, enjoy playing the game, and watch out for our BRAWL listing announcement and other additions to Ruby.Exchange in the coming days and weeks!

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