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Ruby.Exchange Lists CryptoBlades' SKILL Token!


The launch of Metaport last year signaled the birth of the SKALEVERSE. A total of 19 SKALE Chains can now be directly linked to become a single, interconnected ecosystem. This also enabled Ruby.Exchange to start listing new SKALE tokens, so please give a warm welcome to the first of many: SKILL, the native token for the hugely popular play-to-earn combat game, CryptoBlades!

Already available on eight networks, CryptoBlades has built a large and active community, with over 1 million holders of SKILL. Branching out to SKALE gives these players the benefits of gasless transactions and opens the game to a whole new and fast-growing ecosystem of users.

CryptoBlades 24h token stats.
CryptoBlades has become a hugely successful P2E game.

Holders can now bridge SKILL tokens between Europa and the CryptoBlades SKALE Chain using Metaport, and trade them quickly and easily for any other supported token or stablecoin with minimal slippage.

As our first SKALEVERSE token listing, we're offering RUBY farming rewards to anyone who provides liquidity for the SKILL-USDP pool. The SKALE team is also offering SKL rewards to CryptoBlades players, which will be airdropped on the game's native SKALE Chain!

Wield Your Blade To Win SKILL

CryptoBlades was created by the award-winning studio Riveted Games LLC, which boasts a star team of developers.

As a P2E game, characters and key items are represented by NFTs. Users can forge their own weapons to take into battle against their enemies, or buy and sell them on the built-in marketplace.

Once you have recruited and equipped your characters, you can take on the Hellborn, raiding dungeons to vanquish these antagonists of the CryptoBlades world. Players earn SKILL by defeating enemies, winning PvP rounds, and staking their tokens.

Screenshot of CryptoBlades Hellborn characters
Forge your weapons and take on the Hellborn!

CryptoBlades is also building out a metaverse concept, CryptoBlades Kingdoms. The metaverse is based on a 5,000 x 5,000 grid map. Land comes with different resources and advantages, and will be integrated into the basic mechanics of the game, with different strategies being suited to different types of land.

How To Transfer SKILL To Ruby.Exchange

Moving SKILL tokens between the Europa and CryptoBlades SKALE Chains is fast and straightforward, thanks to Metaport, SKALE's interchain bridging app.

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Open Metaport using the lightning bolt symbol in the top right corner of the site, then select the two chains you want to bridge from/to—in this case, CryptoBlades and Europa—and enter the amount of tokens to transfer. The whole process requires just a few clicks, and transfers between chains are almost instant. As well as SKILL tokens, you can bridge any SKL you receive as rewards on the CryptoBlades Chain in the same way.

Metaport screenshot with Europa/CryptoBlades chains.
Transfer tokens between Europa and the CryptoBlades SKALE Chain in just a few seconds.

Alternatively, you can bridge funds from Ethereum mainnet to Europa and use them to buy SKILL, which you can then LP on Ruby or transfer to the CryptoBlades chain to use in the game.

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How To Earn RUBY Farming Rewards

To celebrate the launch of SKILL on Ruby.Exchange and incentivize liquidity providers, we'll be offering RUBY tokens as farming rewards for the SKILL-USDP pair.

We have taken this opportunity to update the allocation of RUBY rewards to each farming pool. The new allocations are as follows:

  • RUBY-USDP: 32% (+8)
  • SKL-USDP: 18%
  • ETH-USDP: 18% (-2)
  • WBTC-USDP: 10% (-8)
  • 4Pool: 20%
  • SKILL-USDP: 2% (+2)

As you'll see, as well as allocating RUBY to SKILL-USDP farmers, we have increased the percentage of rewards for the RUBY-USDP pool, incentivizing greater liquidity for RUBY.

To receive RUBY rewards, you’ll first need to provide liquidity for Ruby's SKILL-USDP pool. Go to the Add Liquidity page, then select SKILL and USDP from the dropdown menus. (You can swap USDC, USDT, and DAI for USDP using Ruby's StablePool.) You will need to Approve access by the LP contract for each token before you proceed.

Enter the amount of SKILL you want to add to the pool. The equivalent amount in USDP will be filled in automatically. Now click Confirm Adding Liquidity, then confirm in the popup box and in MetaMask.

You will receive LP tokens as a receipt for the SKILL and USDP you hold in the liquidity pool, which will earn a share of trading fees. You can view and manage your liquidity positions, and can redeem your LP tokens for the underlying assets at any time.

Note: Your LP token is a receipt for a share of the pool, rather than a specific number of SKILL and USDP. You may not receive the same number of each token back that you originally deposited, because the price of the assets (and the amount of each in the pool) will change as users trade. This is known as Impermanent Loss.

You can stake your SKILL-USDP LP token in the yield farming contract to earn RUBY rewards. Use the top menu to go to the Farm page, select the relevant farm, enter the amount you want to stake (or click Max), Approve access, and hit Stake. As soon as your transaction has confirmed, you’ll start earning RUBY. You can manage your RUBY farming rewards from the rewards page on the Profile menu.

LP tokens can be removed from the farming contract whenever you want. Tokens must be withdrawn before you can redeem them for USDP and SKILL from the liquidity pool.

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Once you’ve withdrawn your RUBY rewards, you have several options for what to do with them next:

  • Trade them on Ruby.Exchange
  • Provide liquidity for Ruby’s RUBY-USDP pool to earn more RUBY rewards
  • Stake your RUBY tokens to earn a share of trading fees, or lock them for three months to earn different rewards

You can also trade and LP any SKL rewards your receive on the CryptoBlades Chain after transferring them to Europa using Metaport, and earn RUBY by farming the SKL-USDP pair. Alternatively, bridge your SKL tokens back to Ethereum mainnet, where they can be staked to secure the SKALE network and earn additional SKL.

Onwards Into The SKALEVERSE

CryptoBlades is just one of many major projects set to launch on SKALE, with more in the pipeline for the coming weeks and months. Expect to see new tokens listed on Ruby.Exchange in the very near future!

Trade SKILL on Ruby.Exchange, and farm SKILL-USDP to earn RUBY rewards. Subscribe to our blog, follow us on Twitter, and join the conversation on Discord.