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Updates DeFi and AMM NFTs

Ruby.Exchange Update - August 18, 2022


August is traditionally a quiet month but the Ruby and SKALE teams are still hard at work.

We're now receiving only infrequent and minor bug reports from users, and there are no serious issues to address. Instead, we are continuing to optimize and improve the performance of the site. Hopefully you'll notice and appreciate the ongoing changes!

More importantly, we're now looking ahead to the next stage for Ruby.Exchange and the SKALEVERSE, and working to make it a reality!

Metaport: Connecting Ruby To The SKALEVERSE

Our main job at present is testing and integrating Metaport, SKALE's interchain widget.

This is a hugely exciting and important piece of technology that the SKALE team have been working on for several weeks now. Metaport will enable anyone to transfer any token between any two SKALE Chains, instantly and with zero cost!

The significance of this cannot be overestimated. The release of Metaport will unlock the full potential of the SKALE Network, enabling users to interact with different dApps without the costs, delays, and inconvenience of bridging via Ethereum mainnet.

This will be the point at which Ruby can start listing some of the many projects that have launched on SKALE. It's no exaggeration to say that this will be a foundational moment in the history of the SKALEVERSE.

Upcoming Partnerships

As we look to integrating Metaport and bringing Ruby.Exchange out of beta in the coming weeks, we're actively working towards opening the service up to the wider SKALE ecosystem. This is as much about establishing partnerships as it is about honing the site and implementing new technology.

We're pleased to say that we are in touch with several SKALE project teams, in categories from across the DeFi space, with a view to listing and wider collaborations and promotions (the recent Block Brawlers NFT giveaway and AMA being one example). We'll be announcing more details about each new listing and partnership in due course, but needless to say, we're very excited about the different projects we'll be working with–which include DeFi dApps, NFT and metaverse initiatives, games, and other SKALE infrastructure projects.

That's all for now. If you have any questions or feedback, please send them to us using the Ruby.Exchange Official Telegram channel, and don't forget to follow Ruby on Twitter and Telegram.