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Ruby.Exchange Website Gains Major Performance Boost


We're excited to announce a set of wide-ranging updates that dramatically enhance the performance of Ruby.Exchange's website! Anyone who has used Ruby on desktop in the past should immediately notice significant improvements in loading times and responsiveness.

Take a look and check out the difference for yourself!

Site Optimization

While these frontend updates don't change the appearance of the site, they certainly pack a punch behind the scenes. The site is around 90% smaller, and load times are roughly 20 times faster.

As a result, Ruby compares very favorably in terms of performance to other AMMs, most of which are far less well optimized. A similar round of updates will be made to the mobile site in due course.

Screenshot of Ruby.Exchange home page
The improvements mean that Ruby's site loads faster than almost any major DEX.

Alongside these impressive performance upgrades, there are a handful of other UX improvements:

  • Pools, farms, and staking rewards are displayed on the homepage
  • Ongoing raffles are displayed, even when users are not connected
  • Farms are now displayed when users are not connected

These updates are significant in their own right, providing a smoother UX and ensuring it's easier than ever to migrate liquidity, trade, LP, farm, and stake tokens. However, they will also provide a solid foundation for Ruby's coming relaunch, which will see a full UI overhaul alongside the integration of Metaport, SKALE's interchain widget—paving the way for any SKALE-based project to be able to list their token on Ruby.Exchange.

Send Us Your Feedback

As ever, we rely on our community to provide feedback on all new functionality. If you find any bugs, please let us know on the Ruby.Exchange Official Telegram channel, and we'll fix them as soon as possible. Similarly, if you have any further suggestions to improve the service, we'd love to hear them—several community members have already been instrumental in refining Ruby's current UI and the coming refresh.

Please try out the new site and tell us what you think, and make sure you follow Ruby on Twitter and Telegram if you don't already!