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DeFi and AMM SKALE Announcements

Ruby.Exchange Core Update - 2/3/2023


Following the launch of Metaport in our last major release, we've been gathering feedback from the Ruby and SKALE communities, fixing bugs, refining our initial functionality, and optimizing the AMM's performance.

Today's release concludes a series of significant updates, representing a major overhaul for the site. Together, these introduce several important new features and enhance the user experience in key areas.

Website Redesign

A huge amount of development work has been going on behind the scenes at Ruby, across every area of the platform. Where it all comes together for the user is our website. In addition to new functionality and performance improvements, we've also redesigned the site to make it smoother and easier to use, while ensuring users have all the information they need to get started with trading, LPing, farming, and staking RUBY.

Ruby.Exchange site screenshot
The new site is clean and easy to use, as well as incorporating some exciting new tech.

If you're familiar with the site, you'll immediately recognize at least some of the changes we've released in earlier iterations. Here are the highlights:

Landing Page

Ruby's homepage is the most obvious outward sign of all the work we've been doing since June. It's now super clean and crisp, with a more minimalist design that better showcases Ruby's brand and displays our core features and functionality at a glance. In particular, you'll see clear buttons and links to the sFuel faucet, any live raffles, and Swap pages.

Swap Page And StableSwap

Ruby's StableSwap is currently available via both the main Swap page and a separate StableSwap page. There is no difference in functionality between these two pages, and StableSwap fees are the same (0.04%) in both cases.

We have decided to simplify the UX by deprecating the StableSwap page. This currently remains live, but will be discontinued in future releases. For now, we have left a note on the StableSwap page to alert users to the coming change.

StableSwap page alert screenshot
The UX will be simplified by removing the separate StableSwap page.

Mainnet Bridge

The bridge between Ethereum mainnet and Europa was a significant pain point for users. The UX has now been redesigned to streamline the process of migrating funds to Europa, and to prepare for the integration of new bridges to other chains.

Additionally, the Gas Wallet UI has been drastically improved. The Gas Wallet holds the ETH a user needs to pay transaction fees when bridging funds back from the Europa Chain to Ethereum mainnet, ensuring smooth withdrawals. In the original version of the site, the UI was clunky and the app typically overestimated the amount of gas required.

Metaport Updates

SKALE's Metaport widget is an app that enables decentralized transfers of tokens directly between SKALE Chains, instantly and with zero fees.

SKALE offers an unlimited number of fast, high-throughput chains, with no gas costs for end users. Metaport is the critical piece of the ecosystem that links these chains seamlessly to become an interconnected network.

Users can access Metaport by clicking the lightning bolt, or selecting the Metaport option from the Bridge page. This will open the widget in the bottom right corner of the site. You'll then be able to select the source and destination chains, and the supported tokens you want to bridge. Initially, the Calypso SKALE Chain (the NFT Hub that hosts NFTrade) and ETH transfers are supported.

Metaport screenshot
We'll soon be adding more chains and tokens to Metaport.

The latest update sees various bug fixes and minor improvements to the Metaport UX. For example, clicking anywhere on the page outside the widget will now close Metaport, providing a more familiar and intuitive experience.

In case you missed it before, Metaport also includes a handy link to the multichain sFuel station built by Web3 developers and SKALE community members Dirt Road Dev, so you can make sure you're fueled up and ready to go, whatever chains you're using.

sFuel multistation screenshot
Dirt Road Dev have built a convenient multi-fuel station for the SKALEVERSE.

Read more in Connecting The SKALEVERSE: The Interchain Bridge Is Live!

Add New SKALE Chains And Tokens To MetaMask

The SKALE ecosystem consists of many dApp-specific chains, linked seamlessly by Metaport. Each chain will need to be added to your MetaMask wallet, as well as the tokens you want to use on that chain.

Ruby has created a handy tool that enables users to find and add assets for all SKALE chains supported by Metaport. Click the Tokens tab on the Bridge page, or the Tokens option from the Settings (cog) menu in the top right of the website. You will see a dropdown menu of chains, and the tokens hosted on each one:

Token list screenshot
Add any supported token for any SKALE Chain to MetaMask.

Simply click the MetaMask icon next to a token to add it to MetaMask for that chain.

The list of tokens displayed on this page is drawn directly from Metaport, meaning if a token/chain is supported by Metaport, you'll automatically find it here.

Revoke Contract Access

One final feature we've added to the site following feedback from the community is the ability to revoke access to Ruby's smart contracts. We'll explore this further in a separate blog, but the process is straightforward and (like every other transaction on SKALE) costs nothing in gas fees.

To view your list of contract permissions and revoke them, simply click Revoke in the Settings (cog) menu.

Join Us On Discord

Alongside these upgrades to the site, we recently launched a Ruby Community Discord!

Telegram and Twitter are good for updates and contacting team members quickly, but they're not designed for longer conversations and multiple topics. As the community grows and becomes more involved with governance of the Ruby AMM Protocol, we need a venue where ongoing discussions can take place. Discord is a popular platform within the crypto world, and most users will already be familiar with it.

To join our Discord, use our invite link:

Previous Bug Fixes And Website Updates

Over the last few months, Ruby's dev team has worked on a series of bugs submitted by the community. The first set of fixes addressed the most serious issues, including:

  • Problems withdrawing ETH from the Gas Wallet
  • Optimization of funds required by Gas Wallet for bridge transactions to mainnet
  • Bugs arising after being connected to the wrong network
  • Low slippage tolerance causing failed swaps
  • TVL, Rewards, and APR showing the wrong values
  • UI bug when calculating values for stablecoin-to-token (not token-to-stablecoin) pairs
  • "Add to MetaMask" button implemented for Europa Network

Subsequent, less serious fixes included:

  • Display of a network switch popup or "Add network to MetaMask" prompt when arriving from different networks
  • Page reloader bugs
  • Issues with overflow menu on mobile
  • Bugs on raffle page when buying multiple tickets
  • Approval flow issues for raffles

A third tranche of fixes, released a month after launch, included minor improvements to the sFuel faucet and updates to the raffle UX.

Following the completion of these bug fixes, work shifted to optimizing the site overall. This entailed a complete overhaul of the frontend, reducing the size of the site by around 90% and load times by 95%.

New Farming Opportunities

In addition to looking forward to listing our first SKALE tokens, we're particularly excited to be lining up some additional yield farming opportunities for our liquidity providers.

We'll be announcing more details about these in due course. For now, we can say that we're going to be offering something that's not the norm for the space, and that we believe is going to prove very popular as uncertain conditions persist in the crypto and mainstream financial markets.

Stay tuned for more announcements soon. We'll be listing a number of tokens from around the SKALEVERSE in the coming weeks.

Keep Sending Us Your Feedback!

We've hugely appreciated the way our community has stepped up since our beta launch and posted suggestions and bug reports in our Telegram channel. Without this feedback—much of which was thoughtful and detailed—we would not have been able to refine Ruby.Exchange to its current point. Please keep sending us your ideas for new features you'd like to see implemented in the future. If there's enough support, we'll add them to the roadmap.

Check out the new and improved Ruby.Exchange website. Bridge funds quickly and easily to Europa from Ethereum mainnet and other SKALE Chains, trade, LP and farm popular tokens and stablecoins, and stake and lock RUBY to earn rewards.

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